Press release from Attac Iceland

On the 30th of May 2009 the Iceland chapter of Attac was established.

The Icelandic chapter is a part of an international movement that maintains democratic watch over international financial institutions and markets.

Attac is an international movement that emerged in France in June 1998. It has chapters in 48 countries, and the Icelandic chapter will become the 49th. Of the 49 chapters 25 represent European countries, 12 represent countries in South America and 6 African countries. There are over 85.000 members worldwide. The common goal and demand of the movement is that all transactions in the international financial markets be taxed, and the proceeds of this tax be used for social projects. All foreign exchange transactions should be taxed and the money earmarked for projects improving infrastructure and quality of life for the general public.
The Icelandic Attac chapter has chosen a preliminary board, which will make preparations for a general assembly to be held this fall. This summer we are also expecting visits from representatives of foreign Attac chapters. Further information will be announced later.
All those who are interested in the positive development of society, where people come first, rather than international capitalists and financiers are invited to participate in our work. Attac in Iceland has set up a webpage,

.Those interested can join the e-mail list of Attac by sending a message to

The preliminary spokespeople of Attac in Iceland are: Bjarni Guðbjörnsson, Salvör Gissurardóttir, Sigurlaug Ragnarsdóttir and Árni Daníel Júlíusson.